Expert HR consulting services in NSW 

HRIM Pty Ltd is a HR consultant specialising in information management. We assist organisations with system reviews and implementations, analysis of HR, related business processes and workflows, and documentation of procedures and strategies to better manage HR information. HRIM utilises the latest software features and benefits of your current HRIS vendor. From the smallest legislative compliance issues and business reporting requirements to full system configurations, HRIM is there to advise and assist you with your particular needs.

Invest in IT

The HR function uses information technology in every facet of its daily functioning including performance management, recruitment, training and development, OH&S and payroll.  High performing companies invest in this technology to ensure a market advantage. From the simplest tools to the more complex, if you’re not investing, you’re wasting time, money and effort (even more money) managing your HR information. The lifecycle of HR systems is becoming longer with many companies now using systems for 5-15 years and more. It’s a long term investment! A good HR system should underpin what you do — not the reverse. A great HR system will anticipate what you do and should also grow with you and HRIM can expertly assist you with this.

Team of experts of HR consultants

Why your current system?

HRIM is an independent service and is not vendor specific nor aligned. We aim to clearly identify your business requirements and underpin those requirements with your current HRI system.

HRIM Pty Ltd can help your organisations clearly articulate these requirements to IT vendors through project management and support. By exploiting your current system, you add real return on your original investment.

What measure are you using?

HRIM recognises that people are the key to successful information strategies. How effective are you at managing your HR information? Companies often purchase a new IT system every time business alignment changes. However, often an expensive re-tender or selection process is not needed and your current vendor has the tools and functionality you require. HRIM concentrate on involving stakeholders at all levels and introducing tools for improving information flows.

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